Docker And How to Install It on Windows 10

What is Docker?   Docker is an open-source centralized platform designed to create, deploy, and run applications. What is Container? The concept of containerization is an approach in which the application, its dependencies and configuration are all packed in a single file known as a container. Containers are kind of similar to a Virtual Machine, but […]

React Intl

React Intl   React Intl  is Internationalization. It is part of Format JS and provides bindings to React via its components and API. Features Display numbers with separators. Display dates and times correctly. Display dates relative to “now”. Pluralize labels in strings. Support for 150+ languages. Runs in the browser and Node.js. Built on standards. […]

JavaScript Closure

                       JavaScript Closure 1.The scope The scope is a space where we can access variables. Now you know two interesting things: Scopes can be nested The variables of the outer scope are accessible inside the inner scope   2. The lexical scope The lexical scoping means that inside the inner function (child) scope you can […]